Our investment program seeks to maximize long-term results by focusing on our repeatable research process and concentrating portfolios in our "best ideas" only.

Boyle Capital takes a fundamental, research-intensive, value approach to investing. Our repeatable research process is based on a bottoms up analysis (i.e. Company specific), although Boyle Capital does include top-down factors in its overall analysis (e.g., how will a company be impacted by a downturn in the economy, a rise or fall in interest rates, etc.).  The majority of our investment ideas are internally generated through independent research.  Once a potential investment appears sufficiently promising, we delve deeply into the historical record of the potential investment viewed through the lens of our investment philosophy criteria.


In 2004, Brian Boyle founded Boyle Capital - a boutique firm providing investment management services to high-net worth individuals. Brian built the investment strategy on his belief and personal experience that a carefully selected focused portfolio of deeply undervalued investments was the best approach for investment success over time.

Utilizing a rigorous and highly disciplined investment approach over the past decade, Boyle Capital has delivered attractive absolute and relative investment returns. Today, Boyle Capital manages approximately $250 million of discretionary assets in the firm's various managed accounts.